::A Bloor West Family::

Christmas got away from me this year incredibly fast. It slipped through my hands as we spent time with our family and friends. I wanted to post this as soon as I possibly could, as it’s a precious reminder of why I love photographing growing families. And, a fresh snowfall on the ground in Toronto recently certainly makes this post even better! Be prepared for ::adorableness:: of a sweet six week old baby girl.

Celebrating a child’s first Christmas is an exceptionally special time. First ornaments to hang on the tree, adding that perfect little {stocking} from the fire place and celebrating the holiday with family and friends. And of course, a legendary visit from that jolly, white-bearded fellow with the red coat. It’s truly the best time!

Thank you so much for having me, M&D. Congratulations to your beautiful new family. I hope you guys had a wonderful first Christmas together!

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Larissa - Lovely family with their new daughter. Gorgeous light that you’ve captured!

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