::A Family Session of Loveliness:: Toronto Photography

Warm blankets, sweaters and a cup of hot tea.  September is such a beautiful month, and as we move into the fall it’s truly is the best time for family photographs.

Recently, I met up with Ursola and Mike with their families at The Brickworks.  You’ll probably remember their well behaved kids Marco and Deanna, when I photographed them last fall in {High Park}.  Well, look how much they’ve grown — and their personalities came out even more.   They even brought their grandparents Angelo and Rita,  Aunt Janaki and Uncle Steven, with little cousins Sonia and Gabrielle along.   This session was a gift for their families. Lifestyle sessions are a great way to get your family together, have a great time at an awesome location, and get it photographed!

We started with some family portraits before letting the kids lose around the Brickworks.

Marco is turning 5 next week.  Here wanted to show me his celebratory moves.   Happy Birthday Marco!

And then they found the chalkboard. The HUGE chalkboard along one side of a building. Who knew these kiddos mastered up such wonderful chalk designs, perfect for our session. Thanks guys! 😉

Thank you all for a fantastic morning!

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Ursola - Another fantastic job Mary. Thanks, we all had a great time.

Julia - Beautiful pictures! Those are some adorable kiddies…. Alright the parents and grandparents aren’t so bad either:-).

Sheldon Isaac - I really enjoyed these photos Mary. Great job. Sheldon

S o c i a l   M e d i a