::A Muskoka Family in Kearney::

Fall in Muskoka. Besides opening the cottage during the Victoria Day long weekend, this is the best time of the year. The colours on the trees are beyond vibrant. Rich hues of oranges, deep reds and a mixture of bright greens still dot the landscape. Here’s a wonderful and fun family session I recently photographed with Deanna and her family at the cottage in Kearney.

We started with some traditional photos and then broke into some fun, relaxed and casual photos of the family at their cottage. Deanna and her parents Bruce and Laura, brother Jarrod were so gracious! I had a great time, and so glad the weather held up for us. I hope you guys had a blast! Thank you so much for having me capturing your family.

SFamily_Muskoka-103 SFamily_Muskoka-86



See? I told you they were fun and we laughed, and laughed the entire time!



SFamily_Muskoka-14 SFamily_Muskoka-51

Then the sun popped out for a brief second and went back in. Then it rained, then it came out again. Then it rained again. Mother nature was sure playing with me plenty that morning.


The “Sand Bar” was created earlier this summer for a wedding, and I’m sure it was well stocked and enjoyed!
SFamily_Muskoka-69 SFamily_Muskoka-71

And then we lost the troops. I think they were scouring the Sand Bar for any leftovers. So in great family tradition, Bruce blew a whistle. And had to blow it a few times to get them back. In the mean time, Deanna and her dad showed me some cool cottage traditions, including the guitar.
SFamily_Muskoka-72 SFamily_Muskoka-76



Great family, great times, thank you again!

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lemonfreshdesigns - My pleasure Laura. Thank you so much for having me!

Laura Smith - Thanks so much for the wonderful photos of our family! They will be treasured for many years.

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