::A Muskoka Family Weekend::

Before a busy summer begins, we always like to try and stop at Webers, which is an icon for cottagers heading to Muskoka. Both Paul and I have been coming up north as kids, and we want to continue the tradition for Benjamin. Webers is such a great stop (just south of Washago) for particulary for little ones. The grounds are so beautiful and a great opportunity to let a fourteen month old run around free. And of course, we had to share a hamburger with Ben, who just couldn’t seem to get enough.

We continued on to the cottage and had a fantastic weekend. Here are some of my favourites of visiting the marina, running on the dock, exploring and visiting with family. Many of these photos were taken for our sister site, Twin Oaks Cottage Rentals. But I thought this is always a nice place to share.


Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-16 Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-17

Off to the Rosseau General Store for some goodies.

Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-45 Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-47


Back to the cottage for some fun, including a boat ride.
Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-1 Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-5


Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-14 Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-13

See ya mom…I’ve gone exploring!
Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-21 Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-22

Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-25 Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-27

Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-2 Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-3



Perfect light at the end of the day.
Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-32 Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-33


Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-34 Muskoka_Photograph_Blog-35

Ahhh…the end.

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