::A Tara McMullen Wedding Workshop: Day 2::

Here is part two of Tara McMullen’s workshop at Pikto. If you missed Day One, take a peek here. Just like day one, we had more fun, more heat and more blaring sun. Meet super sweet couple, Julie + Sean who were Tara’s bride and groom earlier this year. In January, they married at the beautiful Berkley Church on Queen Street East. Have a peek at their beautiful wedding Tara captured on her blog.

We had another hot day of shooting last week, but thanks goes out to Hayley Cotterill and Kristin Rankin at Fuss Studio for making Julie extra pretty. Both her hair and makeup held up incredibly well considering the unreal temperatures.

Haley’s super neat collection of makeup brushes.

js_dayafterwedding_photography_toronto-6 js_dayafterwedding_photography_toronto-17


Funky red shoes for that pop of colour.


Tara helping Julie into her dress.

js_dayafterwedding_photography_toronto-22 js_dayafterwedding_photography_toronto-21

Sean waiting to see his bride again.


He was all smiles and totally chilled out.

Tara even walked us through the logistics of a First Look. Having done one previously, I really like the emotion and it provides a more relaxed time for photos. I always give my couples the option of having one prior to their ceremony.



Then we went outdoors in the blistering heat and strong sun.


Then wrapped the day with a few “rock star” inspired photos.


Walking back, I spotted this cute little green Mini with a California plate. Gotta love American license plates. They’re so fun.

Tara, Julie and Sean… thanks again for a wonderful day!

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Evonne & Darren - Awesome photos, Mary… OMG, Darren and I met at USF and I almost bought that alumni plate at the campus bookstore when we were there last week! Small world!

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