::Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower:: Toronto Lifestyle Photography

Danielle and her husband are expecting their first baby in October and recently, I was invited to photograph her baby shower.  And it wasn’t just any baby shower, it was an Alice in Wonderland inspired, completely designed and orchestrated by Danielle’s close friend, Shannon.  There were so many bright and cheery details that were captured. During the celebration, guests sipped on a variety of home-made teas, and nibbled on delicate and delicious creme puffs made by the mom-to-be’s Bubbe Berman.  And what is a Alice in Wonderland celebration without some beautifully elegant porcelain teacups?!

Danielle had no idea that I was going to be there, which made the surprise that much better.   Shannon and I had a fantastic time collaborating on the surprise months previous.  When Danielle walked in and, caught me right as I was shooting the details.  Busted.  We had such a good laugh!

Guests played the “how big is her belly” game. There were lots of different sizes, and of course – lots of laughs!

Danielle had a few extra little friends there. Doesn’t she look like a pro?

And saving my favourite photo until the end. Thank you Shannon for having me! And Danielle, I hope you love the photos!

Event Design: Shannon Cohen
Banners: Supplies from {Michael’s} and {Scholar’s Choice}, Toronto
Cupcakes: {The Cupcakery}, Toronto
Tea Cups: Private Collection, Toronto
Hot & Cold Brewed Teas: {London Tea Company} and {David’s Tea}, Toronto
Sandwiches: {Centre Street Deli}, Toronto
Fruit & Scones: {Pusateri’s} and {Epi Bakery}, Toronto
Creme Puffs:  Handmade by Esther Berman

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AnnaMaria - Mary,

After looking at my cousins family session (session of loveliness) I am even more impressed. Your ability to capture the true essence of the moment is so AMAZING! I am so impressed with how none of the pictures present ‘stuffiness’ and that ‘same-old, same-old’feeling.

Your work is delightful and refreshing! I look forward to seeing the next set of photos.

lemonfreshdesigns - Thanks so much Rhi! Yes, she is GLOWING and so happy. Had to turn down the exposure drastically in camera ♥

Rhiannon - Amazing work as usual, Mary :) Well done! Mama to me looks like she is glowing!

Elizabeth cornish - What a wonderful theme for a shower! And such beautiful photos! Good job everyone.

Corina Van Sluytman - Super cute photos Mary! Loved them…especially the little pink note to the baby…so sweet! xoxo

Danielle Perelman - Mary, these are incredible. Thank you for capturing one of the most exciting days in my life. The photos really capture the feeling and flow of the day . I am sooo happy that you were able to be there. Thank you again. danielle.

S o c i a l   M e d i a