::Anna & Somu: Engagement at Union Station::

Anna and Somu are getting married next summer in India. When they contacted me during the holidays, they wanted an urban feel for their engagement photos and my mind started racing. It must be the urban planner and photographer in me. Toronto has so many fantastic locations, so I knew it could be hard to narrow one down. But it hit me the night before, that Union Station would be a great starting point for their session.   Meandering throughout the financial district, we took advantage of the fantastic light and architecture downtown. And while we walked, posed and photographed; we chatted about how they met, their current holiday adventures and their overseas wedding planning thus far.  Anna and Somu are so much fun together and incredibly smart. Anna is in med school in Boston and Somu is studying Engineering in Ottawa.

Anna and Somu, thank you for being so great, spontaneous and relaxed. I am sure your wedding day will simply be fantastic!

Isn’t Anna going to be a beautiful bride?

Seriously a stunning ring. Nicely done Somu!

Whatever this was that fogged up my lens, I loved it. Maybe it was Anna’s funny reaction to my corny jokes.

Happy New Year guys, and best wishes on your wedding in India!

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Liz - What GORGEOUS photos!!! I really enjoyed the urban shots and they look like such a sweet couple.

Allison Suter - I love them so much! Especially the pic with Anna on the steps. So good.

I also love your new frames!

Allison Suter - Love them so much! I especially love the one where Anna is sitting on the steps – it’s super cute!

I also love the new frames. So good.

S o c i a l   M e d i a