Baby Elliott in B&W:: Toronto Lifestyle and Newborn Photography

Babies are the best and there is something about second babies that are just different.  They say the second time around is much more easier and nicer or can be wilder and chaotic?  So far, our baby Elliott is a very sweet and e-a-s-y baby.  Perhaps it’s because we’re comfortable and confident as we embark now as a family of four.  Here are a few of baby Elliott in those early days in b&w, grainy, imperfect and just enjoying the sweetness of a newborn.

One of my favourite photos.  He loves this. 


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Sherian Singh - What a beautiful baby boy! Amazing photos!

Kimberly Walker - He’s perfect! Beautiful photos of your little man

Jana Gallagher via Facebook - Photos are awesome – little guy is so cute

Nicole Brophy via Facebook - Awwww!!! So sweet :)

Rosaleen Roman via Facebook - Very beautiful images!!!

Elizabeth Cornish via Facebook - So much sweetness all in one place!

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