{Photography} Balzac’s Coffee Roasters & Bergo Designs in Toronto

Winter months are usually “down times” for photographers who are busy shooting and editing weddings from May-September. During this time, I’m taking a couple of workshops which are always fun excuses to get out to photograph when the weather isn’t that great. Last week, our group met at the Distillery District and I’m usually outdoors photographing here, so it was a nice change to move inside. Here are a few shots from Balzac’s Coffee Roasters and Bergo Designs.

You’ll notice some blue-ish type photos. Just a little challenge we were given to get this look only in-camera with no help from Photoshop. Once I was done, I walked around the Distillery District and found a bright and beautiful kitchen boutqiue store with a very colourful window display, perfect for the March blahs right now.

Here are a few shots inside Balzac’s Coffee Roasters, a great place for many that hold their wedding reception here.

distillery_district_photography_toronto-1 distillery_district_photography_toronto-24

Blue soda bottles along the counter

And a view from above
distillery_district_photography_toronto-22 distillery_district_photography_toronto-45


And finally, upstairs at the mini gallery

Then it was off discovering to find Bergo Designs – Unique home products from international designers
distillery_district_photography_toronto-7 distillery_district_photography_toronto-8


distillery_district_photography_toronto-11 distillery_district_photography_toronto-12

distillery_district_photography_toronto-16 distillery_district_photography_toronto-17

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Evonne & Darren Photography - What a fun shoot… I love the Distillery District! Darren and I went into Bergo Design last time. Awesome store!

Dognbird - Love the Balzac’s Coffee House photos – what a cool location!!

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