::Urban Engagements: Carlee + Will::

When Carlee said Will proposed to her in a red canoe last summer in Muskoka, I knew exactly where to suggest their engagement photos take place. And when Carlee suggested it, I lit up in excitement.

Last week we met at Canoe Landing Park, a brand spanking new eight-hectare urban park in the heart of downton Toronto. Nestled within Fort York Boulevard, this park was created as part of the Condord Adex development at Cityplace. Vancouver artist and sculptor, Douglas Coupland created this amazing public icon, the big red canoe which can be easily seen when travelling into and out of the City.

We had a fantastic time shooting. Carlee and Will are such a fun couple together. They are incredibly sweet, fun and relaxed. They are getting married at their family cottage on Lake Muskoka. Friends and family from across the country and Australia will be gathering in Bala to celebrate their wedding. It was a pleasure to get to know them a bit more before their big day.

Carlee and Will, thanks for a great night out. I can’t wait to photograph your wedding later this month!

carlee_will_engagement_blog-6 carlee_will_engagement_blog-10

carlee_will_engagement_blog-7 carlee_will_engagement_blog-8


Because there was a red canoe behind us, I asked Will to re-create the engagement. They got totally goofy and into it and Carlee was armed with a cheesy moustache. I love when my couples get all silly.

carlee_will_engagement_blog-25 carlee_will_engagement_blog-29


Then we headed down to explore more areas of this awesome urban park, with the perfect balance of grass and some more scupltures. Seriously, this park is a gem!


carlee_will_engagement_blog-61 carlee_will_engagement_blog-65

This by far, has to be my favourite set EVER!
carlee_will_engagement_blog-54 carlee_will_engagement_blog-56

carlee_will_engagement_blog-57 carlee_will_engagement_blog-59

Then they broke into a little skyline dance…
carlee_will_engagement_blog-43 carlee_will_engagement_blog-44

I could tell that Will wanted to explore the landed buoys





Thanks for an awesome night guys!! Can’t wait for your wedding later this month!

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Evonne & Darren Photography - Canoe Landing Park? Where’s that? Have to see it the next time we are in town. It looks awesome. Love the Toronto skyline and all the colors.

stacy - very very romantic!!

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