::Featured On to Baby: For Little Wedding Guests::

Eek!  Today my photos are featured on {On To Baby}, one of my favourite blogs that I visit often for style and inspiration.  How incredibly humbling!   Here is the background of how it all came to be.

Recently, Roxanne Wickware of {Roxy Cakes} was asked by her bride to create some really sweet “cheeseburger and french fry cakes” for their upcoming wedding.  Since there were going to be little guests in attendance, Roxy whipped up these really cute prototypes and brought them over to see if they would photograph well and have Benjamin, my little taste-tester give his approval.  Well, both were a huge hit!  And these little darlings were featured on one of my favourite blogs {On to Baby}, the sister blog of the {Wedding Chicks!}

Roxy is incredibly talented.  These are all made of cupcakes, fondant, marshmallow and sugar cookies for french fries. It was really hard to photograph these beauties and not devour them before the shoot was “officially wrapped”.  The aroma that filled our home was beyond awesome too. But I did sneek a little taste and they were decadent.

The rest of the feature can be seen on {On to Baby}. Enjoy!

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Rhiannon - Oh my gosh congrats Mary! What a huge huge accomplishment :) You rock!

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