::Happy February: A ProPhoto Blog Giveaway::

It’s February! Which means it’s almost time for Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day and of course, WPPI! I’m off shortly  to visit the land of crazy photographers and have my road map of surviving the tradeshow floor, shootouts, mixers and lectures. And, in honour and celebration of this photography convention insanity, I wanted to kick off February with a treat; a giveaway! Since this is perfect timing with all the e-mails I’ve received recently asking about my blog design, I thought I’d give one away. And thanks to the awesome folks at ProPhoto, you can win your very own WordPress ::ProPhoto:: Blog Theme!

Here’s what you need to do (it’s super easy):

  1. Comment below and tell me why you want: a) a new blog design or b) a blog period. You don’t have to say much, just make sure it’s completely true 😉 And since, I’ll be reading each entry personally and carefully, don’t forget to include your website link and email in the comment section.
  2. Tweet about the giveaway with this exact phrase: Win a great new blog from @lemonfrshdesign and Pro Photo Blogs. Pls RT. Info: http://bit.ly/h2kk4d.
  3. All entries must be received in the comment section below by no later than Friday, February 11th at 4:59pm Eastern Standard Time.

Winners will be narrowed down to three and one winner will be randomly chosen by Twitter-bots on Monday February 14, 2011. And finally, if you can’t wait to get your blog off the ground, help yourself to $10 off by using “LEMONFRESH”, a discount code on the ProPhoto site by clicking {HERE}.

And a bonus, Matt from {H2Blogs} who awesomely incorporated my branding into my ProPhoto template  is having a contest too.  Pop over to see his details {here}.  But you need ProPhoto to get Matt’s awesome H2 Design Blog, and away you go!   So enter here first!

Good luck everyone!

P.S.  If you don’t see your comment right away, don’t worry it’s saved!  I will be manually adding them since I don’t want those crazy spammy bots taking over the blog!

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Marla Westbrook - I LOVE ProPhoto and really want to switch my family blog to it too. I take just as much pride in the photos I post there as I do the ones on my business blog, so I’d love to be an all-ProPhoto blogger!

Jennifer Rutledge - I’ve been wanting a new blog design for a while now and just don’t have the energy or time to do it myself! I’ve seen other blogs by ProPhoto and love them. I hope to win!!

Sharon Linne Faulk - I want a new blog theme. I want bigger photos and I want a cleaner look. I use WordPress which I really like, mostly because I know how to use it.

Courtney - Mary this is such an amazing contest!! I love your blog and I want to win this so very very badly. Currently I am using a free blogging site to advertise my photography, it’s okay but definitely not as good they come. As an photographer just starting up a career with limited resources it’s hard for me to afford such an a great blogging format so Im really hoping that it’s me – fingers and toes and everything else crossed!!!

Christina Moodie - I have been waiting and waiting to get a Pro Photo Blog. I am rolling out some awesome new branding on my Show it site and want my blog to be equally as cool.

Nikki Sterling - I sooooo need to win this! I have been agonizing over a website/blogsite for weeks. I’m talking full-on waking up in the middle of the night, website being woven into my dreams, and “stalking” every photographer site I can find… I finally narrowed it down, and ProPhoto is probably my top choice!

I have so many ideas…just not sure how to bring to fruitiion. I know with the right help, I can have a Kick*ss blog that totally rocks!

Stephanie P. - Your blog is so perfect! I love it!
I would LOVE to win this! There is something to the well thought out, gorgeous branded blog. ProPhoto is awesome for doing that for photographers! I have been trying to figure out my how to do my blog so it will work for me (with no $ to do it). Let’s just say, IT IS SO NOT WORKING! Having this would be such a great tool for me. I firmly believe in first impressions, and this is just part of the equation. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Tami W. - First I have to say your branding/blog is wonderful! Great job. I have been wanting a ProPhoto blog since I opened my business but just have never had the extra $ to go for it. Everytime I see another photographers blog that I like I scroll to the bottom and yep there is the line saying it’s Prophoto. :) Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

Sara - I would love to win a prophoto blog template! I have been really not happy with my current template as it has constant bugs and issues. and i love how prophoto galleries look!!! I’ve been eyeing other photogs websites with prophoto and love them!

christina - would love to transition from Blogger to WP in preparation for launching a business this fall…but have no idea where to begin –too.many.options! I need this! thanks for the opportunity and WOW your blog is beautiful!

Kelley - Gosh, what a wonderful opportunity! What I wouldn’t give for a new blog! Yours looks fantastic!

Timorah - Oh how this would help me! I’m putting the finishing touches on my business plan now with a planned ‘going live’ date for June 1, 2011. I’ve been practicing and learning to perfect my photography for so long and I’m really excited to get to work on the business now so I can make a living doing what I love. Thank you for offering this!

Emily S. - I’d love a ProPhoto Blog because I’ve been lusting for one, lol! I currently have a blog up but now I’m stuck. Learning all about photography, keeping up with it, learning business, learning your camera, etc…I think my brain is about tired and I cannot learn HTML for the life of me! I think winning Pro Photo would save my life 😉
Being able to easily customize my blog with ProPhoto is JUST what I need :) Thanks for the opportunity!

Sue - I would love to win a new blog! I have been looking at ProPhoto blogs and dreaming about having one for months. I currently have a blogger blog and would like to have a more professional looking blog. I haven’t been able to afford one yet and think it is great that you are offering this opportunity.

eliesa - I would love to win the ProPhoto Blog because I’ve been salivating over their themes since I started my blog a few months ago. But I couldn’t afford all the costs at once so I tried to design mine by myself. Needless to say, it stinks! I need something professional and beautiful, and ProPhoto has that down to a science! And from what I read, it’s pretty easy to use too, which is important to a non-techy person like me. Thanks so much! Crossing my fingers!

Jamie Rink - I recently tried hosting and wordpress, but couldn’t get it how I wanted it on my own. Hard to admit that I couldn’t do it myself, but I need help. ProPhoto would help my look, which I am still creating since I’m new to a photography business. I realize how much your website means to your business. Thanks for the opportunity.

JessicaN - I have been dying to take the plunge and redo my blog. I would love a new template and revamp the whole thing but I have been skeered. This could give me good incentive. :)

Ashley Perry - I would love LOVE a ProPhoto blog! I use blogger (UGH) and as much as I have tried to custom design my own blog, it just is not as professional. I would love to get a custom design and have my photos actually look like they do in LR. Thank you for your giving heart!

Lisa - My blog has come together in the last year, BUT my branding isn’t solid yet. I really want to work on becoming ‘me’ this year and building a strong brand will help that

Johanna - My eyes literally hurt from reading and learning and trying to figure it out on my own! My website is from wix…i did it all myself. I need something cleaner, faster, easier to use and some thing fresh and modern!!

Kelly - I have been wanting a blog design from ProPhoto for forever. I just haven’t been able to afford it so this is a great opportunity!!! I would love to have a blog design that represents who I am as a photographer!!!

Elizabeth "Elly" Tessendorf - I am DYING to have a prophoto blog!! I have been researching them for awhile, and since my blog is UGGGLLLEEEEE and does not represent my modern, fresh portrait style, I am a victim (or criminal) of false advertisement! My studio is in Rural America, and it is time that a bit of modern hits the fields of the Midwest. I love PROPHOTO Blogs!

Oh, and I won’t be able to make it to WPPI this year :(


Leslie - How awesome would it be to win this? I am recently made the leap into the world of professional photography and I’ve been drooling over ProPhoto Blogs for a while now. I like the flexibility of a blogsite over the traditional website.

AimeeJ - I have been wanting a ProPhotoBlog forever! I would love to win this. Hubby is getting ready to leave for another year (military) and I am getting to revamp my blog so that it can be a 365 project of sorts that keeps him up-to-date on all that he is not getting to experience.

Meghan - I am wanting to do away with flash and simplify!

Brooke Bikneris - I have about burned my eyes out looking at the computer, pouring over blogs and websites. My business is fledgling. I am building a business in photography, so that one day soon, I can do volunteer work (namely, and fingers crossed, for NILMDTS, who I found when I was the one who needed their services). I know what I see in my head, and would like for it to come across on my site. I am just having a hard time making the connecting line between point A and point B.

Jennifer Anderson - I need a blog!! I just bought the url but have not even tempted to start building it yet! This would be a great addition to my business. Thank you so much for the giveway.

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