Home with the Black Family:: North Toronto Lifestyle Photography

It was a wonderful early evening in June filled with laughter and pure awesome goofiness with the Black family.  Elize and James contacted me because they wanted a family photography session at their home in north Toronto, with their kids before their eldest heads off to university this fall.  Since they were all freshly done school for the summer, their smiles couldn’t get any bigger.  I think it was also their big plans for the cottage in Muskoka, being with friends and family — who could resist a summer like that?

Thank you so much Elize and James for having me.  The girls goofed around while trying to get their parents to crack up during their shoot.  I certainly walked away from this session with a big smile on my face, knowing how great these images would be!


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Kimberly Walker - These are lovely Mary! I think so many families forget that the “teen” years need to be captured just as much as the early years.

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