{It’s in the Details} Fresh Tulips and Wedding Rings – Toronto Photographer

The sun finally came out today in Toronto and it’s no longer pitch black at 6:00 p.m. In keeping with the “spring like weather” we had today, Ben and I made a trip down to a local flower shop to pick up some pink tulips. Since I had some pins left over from my beautiful wedding bouquet in Hawaii, I carefully wrapped these pink beauties with ribbon the florist supplied. The light was absolutely beautiful and since Ben was having a great nap, I decided to venture outside where I found a couple of empty wine bottles that we haven’t taken back yet. Woops.

The tulips are from Quince Flowers in Riverside, which is just west of Leslieville. What a beautiful store. I could have spent hours there talking with the florists and watching them design beautiful floral arrangements.

I love testing my creativity and how much I can push my Canon lenses. Enjoy the photos!

pear_rings-1 pear_rings-2


wedding_details_toronto_photographer-4 wedding_details_toronto_photographer-6


They even look beautiful black and white…

wedding_details_toronto_photographer-11 wedding_details_toronto_photographer-12



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dognbird - These cheerful tulips made my night. Thank you for the beautiful blast of spring!

dognbird - These cheerful tulips made my night. Thank you for the beautiful blast of spring!

Evonne & Darren Photography - Wow, Mary… I am very impressed with your skills in putting together such a beautiful bouquet. The satin ribbon and the pins… Very professional! You sure you don't want to be a floral designer as well?

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