::Judy + Gary: A Wintery Engagement::

When I asked Judy where she and Gary wanted to have their e-session, they said they wanted snow. Hopefully lots of it.  And at that time we were brainstorming on session locations, we really didn’t have any so we would wait. Toronto can be a little funny that way.  And wait we did. But then it snowed and remember Tsnownami? Well, not quite that much but enough to give us a beautiful backdrop.  And then we went into a deep freeze for days. I usually like to have a few backup plans, but we really wanted a snowy engagement. And we were patient and pushed mother nature into giving us at least one good hour of decent weather on a Sunday in Toronto.

Judy and Gary were really fun to work with.  It was about -5º outside but they were totally willing to hike through the deep snow, adorn wardrobe changes, munch on some popcorn and warm up with hot chocolate.   And those Mickey Mouse style banner I made for them is a tribute to their Walt Disney World engagement.  The shoot even ran a bit long, because after all, we were outside having so much fun and taking advantage of the great white northern climate. Judy and Gary will be getting married this summer and celebrating with family and friends at {Steamwhistle Brewery} in Toronto.  I can tell their wedding is going to be a blast!

This is so Judy and Gary.  Love it!

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