Little Mackenzie: Muskoka Lifestyle Photography

This is such a perfect Monday morning post.  In spirit of the Olympics and our recent weekend at the cottage in Muskoka, I wanted to post these beautiful lifestyle photographs of Courntey and Ryan.  You may recognize them from their beautiful Port Cunnington {wedding} last year.  We met back up in Muskoka recently, where they both spend their weekends at their family cottage.  This time, they have an extra special reason to celebrate and capture another incredible time in their lives. Little Mackenzie is an adorable 4 month-old future trialthelete, Muskoka lovin’, and just all around adorable; just like his parents.  I really do miss this stage…

And lastly, here is a sweet outtake when their golden retriever, Scout wanted to be in the photo as well.  She is so sweet and loving towards her little sister.  And sneaking in a kiss to prove it.

Thanks so much guys for having me catpure this amazing time in your lives.  Mac is adorable!

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Emily Hamilton via Facebook - What a gorgeous family!

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