::Baby Julia and Family::

Meet sweet and precious little Julia, a 14 day old newborn that I photographed recently. When I arrived, Victor and Tia greeted me and offered me a cup of coffee. Tia helped out (err, rather sniffed out my gear) as I started setting up. Then Marta made her way downstairs to introduce me to her daughter, Julia. “Do you want to hold her?” Marta asked. And then I didn’t want to let go. Holding and admiring Julia, Marta and I started chatting about photography and becoming new moms. She then told me about her Aunt, Silvana. Marta and Victor are the neice and nephew of a very talented and International Award Winning Photographer in Toronto Silvana Frammartino. She even showed me her day after wedding session Silvana photographed, which was displayed proudly in their living room. Impressed beyond belief that I got to meet and photograph little Julia. No pressure right?

Victor, Marta and Julia, thank you so much for having me capture memories of your new daughter. Your family is beautiful. Treasure these moments, as they go incredibly fast!


julia_newborn_toronto_photography-15 julia_newborn_toronto_photography-16 julia_newborn_toronto_photography-14

julia_newborn_toronto_photography-41 julia_newborn_toronto_photography-42

julia_newborn_toronto_photography-39 julia_newborn_toronto_photography-38



julia_newborn_toronto_photography-60 julia_newborn_toronto_photography-63


Toronto Newborn Photographer

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lemonfreshdesigns - Thanks everyone for the kind wishes. I didn’t do anything really, she was just a dream to work with!

Danielle Perelman - Great photos Mary!!! You did a wonderful job :)

Marcus - Oh maaan, you are so nice and shiny!
Well done, Victor!

Nice pics.

Anna Maria - What a doll, she is precious! Beautiful pics!

Toby Champagne - Can’t help but say “Wow”. What a beautiful family photo. Having met you while you were dating, a guest at your wedding, and now seeing this photo, that’s what life’s all about! She is beautiful and you look happy!

mary - WOW, She is beautiful..cherish this beautiful sweet angel.

victor - We do, thank you for the great pics!!!

Cindy - Oh wow, these are incredible. I’m sure her parents will love the photos!

Jaime - those are just precious!

S o c i a l   M e d i a