Etsy Easter Spring Roundup

I know it’s a bit early, but Easter will be here before we know it!   And with the warmer weather in Toronto lately, spring will hopefully return quickly and bring beautiful colour and new growth back into our landscape.  With that said, I’m really excited for this holiday, because it’s really my favourite time of the year.  To get inspired for the new season, I recently scoured Etsy and put together a wonderful collection of Easter goodies.  Not only would these be perfect in our home, they would be great for some family sessions.  Here are my picks with Etsy sellers sourced below. Enjoy!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15, 16.  Happy inspiration!


Sophie - Love the colorful ties and bow tie. Such great ideas!!

Emily Hamilton via Facebook - Love this one and so much crafty inspiration!! :-).

Sweet Zoe:: 5 months!

I love doing sessions with friends!  It’s a huge compliment when another friend AND photographer asks you to photograph their family.  Danielle and I have photographed several weddings over the past year.  We’ve had so much fun together!  And recently she asked me to capture her family, Josh and their five-month old daughter, Zoe who totally stole my heart! Just look at those eyes?! Those  I honestly didn’t do any adjustments to them.  It’s all natural!  Oh  Josh, you’re going to need to protect her from the boys very soon!

We had so much fun during our shoot!  Laughing with these guys is so natural.  Danielle and Josh, thanks so much for a wonderful morning of laughs and snuggles with Zoe.  After chasing after a 3-year old, it was nice and relaxing to steal a few cuddles with your beautiful daughter!

See?!!  I told you they’re hilarious!  LOVE this.

Oh Zoe… even when I asked you about applying to the Naional Ballet of Canada, you thought about it and gave me this.  LOVE!

Wonderful morning.  I’m still laughing at all the moments.  Thank you so much Danielle & Josh!! XOXO

Assaf - These are so great! honestly you did such an amazing job capturing such a beautiful family

Assaf Friedman via Facebook - amazing!!!! check out those eyes

Little Leyla:: 6 Months!

Oh how much I love this session.  Little Leyla recently celebrated six months.  She is full of sweet adorableness and a pleasure to photograph.

Going through her photos, I smiled, giggled and aww-ed a lot.  Culling this session was really, really hard.   There are so many beautiful photographs. And look at her mama, Chantal who is stunning and graceful.    We had a great time during her 6-month session, it reminds me of how much I enjoy photographing little ones!

And then her Nana came in for some beautiful moments, singing to her sweet grandchild.  Completely made me tear up.

Then it was time for Leyla to share her curiosity with the stairs.  Ready…set… go!

Sweet little jeans with the cutest little toes!

Leyla is so curious about that big world out there.   Especially, with all that pretty white stuff that fell the night before our shoot.

Ohhhh… this last frame just tugs at my heart.  Everything about this session was pure beauty.

Thank you so much Chantal for a wonderful morning.  Looking forward to seeing you again!

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Jojo - These photos are just so cute! I love the photos of the baby on the stairs.

Courtney - Oh my word, these are just beautiful!! I mean, seriously…ALL of them!! Wonderful job!

Taylor - These are completely gorgeous photos, so intimate and beautiful. I love your work.

Chantal - From the “imp” to the contemplative, Mary captured my little one in her many modes. We had such a great time and I think it shows!!

Chantal Kristal via Facebook - Words can’t express how wonderful it feels to have my little babe’s personality captured by you Mary. It was a wonderful shoot, in a comfortable place, sharing special moments!!

Normajean Ozard via Facebook - …oh Mary…. dreamy shots of loving ladies. Beautiful.

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