Pink or Blue:: A Fun Way to Celebrate

We sure love the idea of a gender reveal party!  Oh how much fun are these to capture?   When I was pregnant with Benjamin exactly four years ago, we didn’t have these options in Toronto.  Fast forward to 2013, they are popping up everywhere!  From a quiet coffee shop inspired reveal while sharing either a pink or blue cupcake, to opening a box of coloured balloons in a golden field on a summer night, or incorporating the little surprises into your baby shower.  Remember to ask the technician at your anatomy ultrasound (usually between 18-20 weeks) that you’re not wanting to find out right away; but they should write down the gender on a piece of paper, and place inside a sealed envelope.  The trick is to keep it closed!  Put it away, hide it far (but don’t lose it) and somewhere you won’t be tempted to sneak a peek!  Then hand it to your best friend the cake designer, your party planner or the store clerk when you’re ordering that big box of coloured specific balloons!  Tell them it’s for your gender reveal party!

Here are some of my favourites I recently collected via Pinterest.  Enjoy!



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Daniel Camer - Hey!

I am loving the destination photos, looks fantastic and fresh!! Myself being a photographer in Toronto, I have always wanted to shoot a destination shoot that wasn’t simply pleasure.

Nothing better than being paid to go to a beautiful place, right?

Do you take stock photographs while you’re on location?

Daniel Camer
Toronto Photographer

Danielle - Mary – I saw one where the big brother releases the balloons with the parents kissing in the background. It’s so cute!

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