::Pinterest: Pretty Food for the Creative Soul::

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest.  I should apologize, because after reading this post you’ll likely be addicted. Likely and highly addicted.  Pinterest is food for the creative soul.  It’s like tearing out a bunch of magazines and pinning the images to your bulletin board.  And you get to see other’s boards too and re-pin, and so on.  It’s really addicting, like worse than Starbucks.  But in a good way.  Right now, I look to Pinterest for photography inspiration, home decor inspiration, fashion inspiration and on.  You get the idea.  Pinterest even helped me re-design my website earlier this year.

If you see any posts on Pinterest that you love, and want me to photograph it for you then bring it to our shoot.  Or show me it on your Pinterest iPhone app:)

Happy pinning!

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