Santa’s Summer Home::

We recently took the kids up to Bracebridge to sneak in a visit with Santa at his summer home in Muskoka.  It’s a special place to our family, since I remember begging my mom to take us there during our summer vacations at Patterson Kaye Lodge.  We all packed in the car one early Sunday morning and drove north.  Our trip was wonderful and the cousins had such a great day!  Santa’s Village really outdid themselves by hosting such a fun day for the kids and parents.  From reindeer games, decorating gingerbread men, to roasting marshmallows on an open fire; and of course, a visit with Santa himself before his magical trip around the world.

Here are a few fun photos of our day at the North Pole.  Thank you so much Santa’s Village!

My little elf, Benjamin who was so excited about being here!

Not yet into reading, the little elves tried to decipher the oath.

After a few words in, they turned around and decided to rock-it-out-instead.

One of my favourite shots where I didn’t even bribe them.  So completely them; being natural, silly and fun.

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Danielle Perelman - So beautiful! Ben seriously has the creamiest skin ever! What a little model.

Normajean Ozard via Facebook - These are deeeeeeeeelightful! Happy New Year, Mary, Paul and Ben!

S o c i a l   M e d i a