::Spring Renewal & Fine Art Weddings::

Spring renewal means a newly refreshed {website}. But only if you want to peek.

And to celebrate, I thought I’d share a few frames of Jose Villa’s {Fine Art Wedding Photography} book. It’s truly a beautiful collection of fine art wedding photography by one of the most talented photographers in Orange County. And for photographers, Jose shares his knowledge of ‘How to Capture Images with Style for the Modern Bride’.

For now, I’m just stuck on the beauty of his images.

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Nicole - Love the new website Mary!!! Can’t wait to work with you again soon. Pat and I are getting excited.

Evonne & Darren - BTW, love the new site. Congrats! :)

Evonne & Darren - Glad you got the book too… well, who didn’t, right? :)

Allison - Yippee!!! I *love* the new site, it’s so good… Perfect in fact. Awesome job!

I’m impatiently waiting for my Jose Villa book. I just decided to bite the bullet yesterday!

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