The W Family:: Toronto Family Photography

This was one of the shoots that could have continued all day, because of all the fun we had!

When Moira contacted me for a photoshoot, she was envisioning a special place in Toronto that had special meaning to them.  Her husband Andrew is a designer and Moira is a landscape architect, so I was so curious what areas they would pick.   We had a great time wandering around the newly re-developed areas of Yorkville where they both told me about their involvement in these beautiful open spaces.  Although, it was pretty chilly that morning, we were able to shoot both indoors as well, including the new Four Seasons Hotel.  The light and architectural details in the hotel are absoultely stunning.  If you live in Toronto, this is certainly a must visit.  The hotel is beautiful.

Harry taught me so much about being four and a half, that it’s a great age of exploration, running, jumping and showing me his theatrical side.  Moira and Andrew, thanks for a great morning and running around with Harry.   As a mama to a four and a half boy now, I totally get this energy and spirit to explore they have.  Just look at the light in his eyes!


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Toronto Photographer Jason - Sweet sweet home and cute cute kid! Love your photos~

Jana Gallagher via Facebook - Awesome photos!

Anya Laskin via Facebook - Moira, and Mary, gorgeous pictures! Fun ))

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