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You’ve seen it before.  Designers, magazines and home improvement shows showcase their perfectly proportioned canvas and framed family photographs hanging on beautiful walls.   And since you’ve taken the time to have great photos taken, now what?   You could attempt to have them printed, but at what size? How many? And what about layout and where to even start?

Grab a latte or espresso, or better yet a glass of wine and read on. Because it’s really easy to get those same wonderful designer-like looks here. I created this post to help my clients visualize a world of opportunities to decorate their homes in beautiful ways to showcase your family photographs.

And now, your photography session includes access to my online {Wall Display Guides} gallery for more detailed layouts and inspiration.   Not sure what I mean?  Below are some preliminary ideas to get your creativity started.

I’ve taken some of my favourite images and incorporated them to some really fun stylin’ setups.  Enjoy!


First up, we have a 20″x30″ canvas print of my son Benjamin in High Park in October.

Not into pink couches for decor?  No problem.  Let’s change it!


Let’s move on to a cozy fireplace setting with 1 20″x30″ and 2 10″x20″ canvas prints featuring the adorable Karah.


Need some finishing touches for the nursery?  Jennifer + Jack’s great maternity session makes a 30″ x 40″ canvas print beautiful above a simple white crib.

Or the have the same 30″x40″ in the bedroom

Doesn’t this give you a great idea and takes the guesswork out of it? Wondering how your beautiful photos will look above your fireplace, couch, hallway, staircase or nursery?

And while we’re on the topic of wall displays, I think many people consider an 8″×10″ to be a large print, but in reality, it’s quite small and especially hung as a stand along image.  Have a peek below, to see what I mean.


But first, let’s start with some context.  Here is a couch with a single 20″×30″ framed print of Lauren + Mark.

And here is the same room with the 8″×10″ framed print. The couch and the wall space eat it up, and this beautiful photo of Lauren + Mark is lost.

When you put an 8×10 next to a full-sized couch, it kind of puts it into perspective, doesn’t it? But don’t despair!


As I mentioned previously, clients now have the opportunity to view more options before ordering their framed prints and canvases.  They also have online access to my {Wall Display Guide Gallery}.  Below is a sample of what is included.

And, for those who love a collection of framed images.

I hope the above has given you some wonderful ideas of how to style your walls with your beautiful photography that was captured by Lemon Fresh Designs.  If you’d like more information, feel free to email me using the contact link in the above menu.

:: A little note for photographers and others lovin’ this post::
Please don’t copy this information and use it on your site. If you’d like to include it on your blog, I’m happy to see a link back here. I know you want to be helpful to your clients, as I do too. So please don’t copy and paste as your own work.  Stealing outright makes me sad:(

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